Sunday, May 8, 2011

Gatito !

We have a new addition. Her name is Biskit, if it sticks. She is only 8 weeks, already litter trained (thanks Dawn) and she is Wild and Crazy. The chihuahua and her run in circles, Blu dog plays with her very carefully, Ed the cat mostly ignores her so far. I think she will fit in fine.

Oh, and thats the P's (parents) in the picture.

Special Day shoes

I wore these shopping in Home Depot today, Mother's Day. Well they make me feel special. OK?!

A couple of the guys working were watching me check out at the register. They said "What do you have on your feet?" (Why, thanks for noticing!) Hey, the leering and whistling stopped YEARS ago. I feel invisible. I had to resort to drastic measures.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Oh, did i mention, we moved in!

Yes, we moved into our new home in late January 2011. IM HOME! I have found my resting place. But that doesnt mean Im stuck here. Im ready to travel at any moment. But i always have a place to come home to.

I have been a beach girl for a long, long time. I dont know quite what happened, but im now a country girl. I love the forests, hiking the appalachian trail, growing plants, fruits, vegies and herbs, tending my chickens. I have transitioned from the sun to the shade. I am constantly seeking shade. Could be age, or skin cancer. Damage done. Next chapter.

Speaking of sun, I have felt a long, strong obligation to introduce my boys to the Florida Keys. We finally made it this week. Just returned from a 3 day trip of snorkeling, fishing, as much as we could fit in, plus Mallory Square sunset celebration, key deer encounter, No-Name key pizza, feeding the tarpon at Robbie's Reef... We did it! These memories will lure them back there some day.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Casa de Pollo

Needed to build protection for the chickens. My husband built this coop from scraps. It has a roost and 5 nest boxes, a trap door for cleaning out poo under the roosts, a small door for them to exit into their pen. Shack is well ventilated, 2 windows, and the pen has netting over the top for protection during the day from the hawks. We'll see how it goes.

I swore I'd never buy a swiffer !

Well, I actually got it at a rummage sale for $2, but i now own a swiffer. It IS great for my new floors which i cant mop, but I despise having any gadget that requires buying expensive refills and disposables. I gave it a go. I even found reusable pads at yard sale, but then discovered that the spray bottle attachment has a locking cap. This obviously is a sneaky attempt to force me to buy cleaning solution refills at almost $4 each. Nice try. I then discovered the secret to refilling it:

Take that, swiffer people.