Thursday, November 19, 2009

I don't hate schools

Defining Unschooling:

"Unschooling is trusting that kids will learn when and how they need to/choose to for their own purposes, their own agenda, as if school didn't exist. Radical unschooling takes that trust and poses the question - If I trust my kids will learn to read/add/whatever in a manner that works for them, why not trust that they can also learn to eat/sleep/etc in a way their own bodies need? In both cases, I'm right beside them to provide information and assistance and facilitate access as they need/choose it." Deb R.

I dont hate schools. My dream is to open an alternative Summerhill type school for kids of all ages. Just show up, go to classes only if you want to, freedom to play, work, dream, sports, workshops, gaming, computer room, discussion, art, electronics, music, gardening, automotive, carpentry, all there for the taking, nothing mandatory. All run by a student government that makes the rules.

I came across this:

"I think a school without a curriculum is better than a homeschool with lessons at the kitchen table."
by Sandra Dodd, who also wrote,

I think it's not the school building and the bus and the cafeteria and the books that are harmful. It's certainly not the music program or the well-stocked art room or the theater department with working stage amenities. It's not the school library. It's the shaming and force-marching through reading chapters and answering questions without talking. It's being pressed to read one book while another more interesting book is to lie untouched. It's memorizing and reciting things that aren't even useful or true.
Because what I care about is children having options and parents being supportive and compassionate.
Schooling isn't as good as natural learning."
Sandra Dodd