Sunday, February 13, 2011

Casa de Pollo

Needed to build protection for the chickens. My husband built this coop from scraps. It has a roost and 5 nest boxes, a trap door for cleaning out poo under the roosts, a small door for them to exit into their pen. Shack is well ventilated, 2 windows, and the pen has netting over the top for protection during the day from the hawks. We'll see how it goes.

I swore I'd never buy a swiffer !

Well, I actually got it at a rummage sale for $2, but i now own a swiffer. It IS great for my new floors which i cant mop, but I despise having any gadget that requires buying expensive refills and disposables. I gave it a go. I even found reusable pads at yard sale, but then discovered that the spray bottle attachment has a locking cap. This obviously is a sneaky attempt to force me to buy cleaning solution refills at almost $4 each. Nice try. I then discovered the secret to refilling it:

Take that, swiffer people.