Monday, June 28, 2010

my first car

Honda 600 Coupe 1971
2 cylinders

1971? AMC Javelin

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Making progress

We're getting close to occupancy! Finishing the siding was a huge step. It was finished barely in time for the heat to get unbearable. The electric hookup was a hallelujah moment. We have a toilet and a bathroom sink. The driveway culvert is finished and that was awful work, shoveling steaming hot asphalt in 90+ degrees.

Latest dilemma is the required hurricane shutters. I object to being forced to provide protection for your own home. It should be optional if it does not affect others. The risk of our home being hit by a hurricane is ridiculously miniscule yet the whole coast must comply. Absurd. The insurance companies must be behind it.

Projects still needed for occupancy: Stair rail, remove pepper trees (non native, invasive), finish hooking up plumbing fixtures after the kitchen countertop is installed, shutters,

My husband can do, build or fix damn near anything, but if he cant, he knows someone personally who can. "And for that, we thank you" (Tosh.O)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Regift me. Please!

As we finish the interior of our new home, guests come to see. My sisters visited this week and brought gifts:

i LOVE that these gifts cost them little to nothing. One from my sisters home, the other from a thrift store. That makes them even more meaningful to me. Reduce, reuse, recycle.
I recently read of a challenge to not buy anything new for 1 year. Could you?
When my kids were young, and sometimes still, when we would go to kid parties, my boys would choose something in their rooms that they no longer played with, in good condition, that they would gift to their friends. Some friends would do the same in return. One of our favorite was the gift we received from Will Parrish, his boxing gloves and kick boxing protective wear. The boys had endless fun with these for years, and even to this day, when all their friends gathered to rumble in the front yard and show their stuff. We laughed so hard we cried.
I have received gifts in the past that you just "knew" were regifts. Someone might find that offensive. I appreciate it. It still needs to be appropriate, but when the right person/occasion comes along, it works.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Meet "Blue"

We have adopted a 3 month old, Catahoula pup. Kids named him Blue.
He chases the chickens. He is playful, smart, wants to play with Chibi, our chihuahua, who just growls at him.

Home Sweet Home

Our new home has arrived. I was taking garbage to the road (which is a quite a journey) when a neighbor was driving by. She stopped and said "Congratulations, your house is beautiful". She went on to say that it was very peculiar to drive by each day and then all of a sudden one day there is a HOUSE there!

It was quite an adventure getting it from Georgia to its foundation.

Anyway, it has had its trials, delays, over budget, etc. But its here, its big, its v well built.
It is still a work in progress and we probably wont move in for a couple more months.