Sunday, April 3, 2011

Oh, did i mention, we moved in!

Yes, we moved into our new home in late January 2011. IM HOME! I have found my resting place. But that doesnt mean Im stuck here. Im ready to travel at any moment. But i always have a place to come home to.

I have been a beach girl for a long, long time. I dont know quite what happened, but im now a country girl. I love the forests, hiking the appalachian trail, growing plants, fruits, vegies and herbs, tending my chickens. I have transitioned from the sun to the shade. I am constantly seeking shade. Could be age, or skin cancer. Damage done. Next chapter.

Speaking of sun, I have felt a long, strong obligation to introduce my boys to the Florida Keys. We finally made it this week. Just returned from a 3 day trip of snorkeling, fishing, as much as we could fit in, plus Mallory Square sunset celebration, key deer encounter, No-Name key pizza, feeding the tarpon at Robbie's Reef... We did it! These memories will lure them back there some day.