Sunday, May 30, 2010

Making progress

We're getting close to occupancy! Finishing the siding was a huge step. It was finished barely in time for the heat to get unbearable. The electric hookup was a hallelujah moment. We have a toilet and a bathroom sink. The driveway culvert is finished and that was awful work, shoveling steaming hot asphalt in 90+ degrees.

Latest dilemma is the required hurricane shutters. I object to being forced to provide protection for your own home. It should be optional if it does not affect others. The risk of our home being hit by a hurricane is ridiculously miniscule yet the whole coast must comply. Absurd. The insurance companies must be behind it.

Projects still needed for occupancy: Stair rail, remove pepper trees (non native, invasive), finish hooking up plumbing fixtures after the kitchen countertop is installed, shutters,

My husband can do, build or fix damn near anything, but if he cant, he knows someone personally who can. "And for that, we thank you" (Tosh.O)