Monday, December 14, 2009

"No Poo" Happy Hair (& pits)

I haven't used shampoo in nearly 4 months. Its healthier and cheaper. I no longer get dry itchy scalp and my hair is happier. Here is the method:

For that matter, i haven't used deodorant is a couple years. I use a crystal rock made from mineral salts. No aluminum. Works great. One lasts more than a year!

Im always happy to share healthier,
simpler and cheaper alternatives!

A little off topic, but another cheap alternative:
The other day I researched and discovered a way to clean out my dryer ducts without spending the $50 on a gadget or hiring a pro.

I blew a ribbon thru my ducts with a leaf blower, then i cut off the end of a new toilet brush and pulled it thru the ducts a few times to get all the lint out. Worked like a charm.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The house that never was...

We bought 3 acres in N. Merritt Island in March 2002 to build a new home. Its a beautiful piece of property with loads of oak trees dripping in moss, a pond in front, garage for Rod, privacy, wildlife. We have seen huge owls, some wild hogs (we ate 'em), otters and fish and a gator in the pond, bald eagle, osprey, turtles.

We have recently finalized plans and our modular home is now in production at the plant in Georgia.
Finally! It's been a long road.

This is where the house will go.

Modular homes are built in factory, stronger, more energy efficient, better sealed and insulated, no danger of mold from elements, faster.
“In a FEMA study following the Hurricane Andrew in 1992, it was found that wood-frame modular homes in hard-hit Dade County, Florida, stood up to the devastating winds better than stick-built homes."

Will post when home is being delivered and set.
Looking forward to the space to breathe, but will miss being close to the beach.