Sunday, May 8, 2011

Gatito !

We have a new addition. Her name is Biskit, if it sticks. She is only 8 weeks, already litter trained (thanks Dawn) and she is Wild and Crazy. The chihuahua and her run in circles, Blu dog plays with her very carefully, Ed the cat mostly ignores her so far. I think she will fit in fine.

Oh, and thats the P's (parents) in the picture.

Special Day shoes

I wore these shopping in Home Depot today, Mother's Day. Well they make me feel special. OK?!

A couple of the guys working were watching me check out at the register. They said "What do you have on your feet?" (Why, thanks for noticing!) Hey, the leering and whistling stopped YEARS ago. I feel invisible. I had to resort to drastic measures.