Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Chicks from THE VIEW

We incubated eggs last Easter and raised some chickens. Roman and Chibi, our chihuahua, mothered them thru the early stages. But once they grew bigger than the dog they pecked her on the butt so she's afraid of them now. We are left with 4 very different breeds. One came in the dog door the other day and layed an egg in my bed!
Did you know chickens have personalities?

I love to watch "hot topics" on The View and the boys said they sound like chickens so we renamed our 4 chickens after the women on the view.

There's Joy
Elizabeth and Sherri
and Whoopie, of coure, is the black one.

Dylan's 16th voyage around the sun

Dylan turned 16 March 5th. We were lucky to have lots of family here this year, all the grandparents, some aunts, uncles, cousins and friends. We spent the day at the beach with food, kites, surfing, guitar playing, etc.

Then we had a party with family.

He has been asserting his independence, finding his individuality and becoming his own person. He is actually very wise for his age, a pleasure to be around. There is joy in the many stages of kids, but teens are pretty amazing. He has plenty of time to find his place, his purpose. But there's no hurry. Its a lifelong journey. I still dont know what "I" want to be when i grow up. I trust he will be just fine.