Monday, December 14, 2009

"No Poo" Happy Hair (& pits)

I haven't used shampoo in nearly 4 months. Its healthier and cheaper. I no longer get dry itchy scalp and my hair is happier. Here is the method:

For that matter, i haven't used deodorant is a couple years. I use a crystal rock made from mineral salts. No aluminum. Works great. One lasts more than a year!

Im always happy to share healthier,
simpler and cheaper alternatives!

A little off topic, but another cheap alternative:
The other day I researched and discovered a way to clean out my dryer ducts without spending the $50 on a gadget or hiring a pro.

I blew a ribbon thru my ducts with a leaf blower, then i cut off the end of a new toilet brush and pulled it thru the ducts a few times to get all the lint out. Worked like a charm.