Friday, October 24, 2008

Live and Learn 2008

We returned from our 3rd and sadly the final L&L conference on Black Mountain, NC. This was our family's 2nd and my 3rd time attending. I flew alone to my first in 2005 in St Louis and it changed our lives. NM was just to far for us in 2006. I finally returned with the entire family in 2007. They weren't quite sure what to expect. Dylan was a bit cautious at first. We tried letting him ease into it in his own time but the teens finally coaxed him out of our room and we barely saw him again for 3 days. He was looking forward to returning this year.

We had a great time. Dylan found his group of friends and made new ones. Roman basically lived in the game room for 4 days. We brought along our friend Ridge and he was a big help to me.

I led the altered couture funshop and had such a sweet time with the children who showed up with their patience and creativity. They made a real impression on me, lasting.